UK EITI Multi-Stakeholder Group

At present, Extractive Industries Civil Society (EICS) provides 2 full and 2 alternate members to the UK EITI Multistakeholder Group

We are a ‘nominating authority’ for civil society and at the next meeting, in September, will nominate civil society’s new members. EICS, in line with our policy of ensuring diverse community organisations take the lead in representation, will then no longer be directly represented upon the MSG.

The present activity of the MSG is aimed at achieving full membership of the EITI for the UK by next year (2018). To this end, the group’s first two reports have been published and are available at the website flagged above.

The UK government, along with the US government, is leading the way for developed economies – many are now following on – in joining the EITI. This complements the UK government’s wider efforts to place transparency and anti-corruption at the centre of the international agenda.

Companies, which make up the third ‘constituency’ of the tripartite initiative, are thoroughly committed to best practice in the reporting of payments to government.

Read more about the international EITI standard here:



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