London’s International Petroleum Week 2013

IP week is organised by the Energy Institute but was kicked off by Platts Oil with an excellent half day forum in the  Mayfair Hotel on Monday 18th February. IP week is growing with many satellite venues and events but the main action was at the  Victoria Park Plaza, discussions included:

  • Global oil supply and demand outlook to 2035
  • Russia’s future: the importance of exploring new oil and gas areas to support the long term development of the country’s oil and gas sector
  • Technology and future exploration: are producers too slow to adapt or is the financial risk of no return just too high?
  • Investment: how is global spending on E&P going to drive the market for the next ten years?
  • Africa: developing West Africa’s portfolio; the potential of East Africa as the last unchartered region
  • MENA opportunities: political and economic developments in the region

Youtube video:

more about IP Week here

some highlights here