Central African Republic

The CAR is at the centre of several stories running across the world at the moment.  First, president Bozize has concluded a coalition deal with opposition leader Michel Djotodia following an attempted coup followed by regionally-brokered talks in Libreville, Gabon.  Second, a former bodyguard of Joseph Kony has been killed by Ugandan forces in the CAR.  Third, Jean Pierre Bemba has been refused permission to appeal against a stall in his trial proceedings until March.  Bemba came second in the 2006 DR Congo elections, convincingly taking the Kinshasa vote.  In May 2008, Bemba was indicted by the International Criminal Court prosecutors in respect of allegations of crimes committed in the CAR. His trial began in 2010 and in May of this year he will have been in custody for 5 years.  Bemba is  sometimes quoted as an example of how the ICC appears to focuses only upon African leaders.

Amidst all of this, however, legal exportation of diamonds (link to Africa Intelligence, a paid-for site) continues and other commercial activities continue apace.  The lesson, for now, seems to be that everyone understands that the CAR has the potential to produce an impressive income for its people and for investors in the near future.  Commonsense is prevailing, it seems.  Security remains an issue for international firms deploying employees to the region, though.