Why I'm Investing in Africa by James Dudderidge MP

Why I’m Investing in Africa by James Dudderidge MP

James Duddridge is the Member of Parliament for Rochford and Southend East.  He is well known as an active MP and for talking up Africa in the House of Commons but he also puts his money where his mouth is. He recently invested £1000 in one African company and with the promise to do the same for eleven more.

I believe Africa is a place of opportunity, not a place of wasted aid.  Africa is a continent where I have seen numerous businesses thrive and grow. Of course, there are difficulties, risks and issues to manage – but there is also an honest profit to be made. 

I know this because, prior to becoming an MP, I lived and ran local banks in three different African countries. Now, as a Member of Parliament who still actively follows the issues on the continent, I was recently appointed to chair the All Party Africa Group and am also a trustee of the Grow Movement, a charity which helps to empower African entrepreneurs.  

We could’nt agree more with James.

Martin Brown